Youth outreach

There are many youth outreach programs in many colleges and institutes in and across Vadodara for the overall spiritual mental physical emotional development of youth.
Below are some of the facilities and courses offered to youths.

Personality Development and Character Build Up

• Training the students in the application of philosophy, values and principles in their personal life.

• Rising early, sleeping early, morning mantra meditation, Group Discussion and interactions.

• Training in etiquette, manners and proper behavior to be followed while living in society.

• Training in dealing with equals, juniors, seniors, elders in the family, parents, teachers.

• Training in integrity, truthfulness, simplicity, trustworthiness, non-envy, maturity, humility etc.

• Training in self-excellence skills like giving presentations, conflict resolution, empathic listening etc.

Yoga, Meditation and Nutritious Diet

Vibrant health, peaceful mind, and satisfying loving relationships are essential for a life of quality.

Training in Character and Competence.

• Use Arts, Culture, Music and Media to propagate the message of Wisdom literature.

• Creating a class of wise people who respect, trust and love each other.
• Topping in Academics

• Spirituality and Academics are given equal importance for students.

• They fill Study cards and report to their Counselors for perusal and subsequent instruction.
• Personal Care and Counseling

Points of contact:
Vamsidhari Das: +91 9157810988
Dhira Shant Das: +91 7046323906
Keshav Shyamsundar Das: +91 89052 07935